SYM (Shiatsu Yoga Mediterraneo) is registered in the UK and has been providing courses in Yoga, Shiatsu and related modalities in Spain, Greece, France and Italy since 1995. SYM is a recognized member school of Yoga Alliance Intentional (YAI), the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and the International Yoga Federation (IYF).

  • 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

    SYM has been running several Yoga Teacher Training programs annually since 2010 and its graduates have gone on to teach all around the world. The profound understanding of energy, psychology, mindfulness, meditation and postures taught here allow for a deep understanding of Yoga, a higher level of teaching as well as a life changing experience.

  • Workshops

    Include: Yoga therapy; Healing; Meditation ; Psychology and Philosophy; Yoga and Astrology; Meridian Yoga or DO-In; Yoga and nutrition and other topics relevant to holistic well-being and healing.

  • Courses are taught in English, French and Spanish.

Yoga Teacher Training courses hold Yoga Alliance International and International Yoga Federation certification. SYM also offers professional training courses in Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine. More details can be found on SYM believes that a cross-disciplinary approach to healing, with emphasis on experiential as well as academic learning, results in a deeper understanding of the principles of health and wellbeing, whether one is on a personal journey, or training to teach and heal others. To this end, SYM provides training of the highest possible standard, by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals. Course groups are kept intentionally small with an emphasis on individual growth and development. All the courses take place in beautiful locations that feed the soul, nurture the body and stimulate ongoing curiosity and learning.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is essentially a method of self development or self improvement of each individual's physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacities. Regular practice develops our body and subtle energy systems promoting higher awareness and perception.

In this sense yoga is a therapy and not just a workout. It is both preventive and curative. It may help us to simply keep fit or to surmount great problems, helping us bring more balance and harmony into our lives as well as guiding us towards our higher self. Above all it is a great pleasure to practice and everyone can and should practice according to their own individual capacities, not forcing the body into unnatural postures but practice with real enjoyment.

There are six main features of Hatha Yoga practise :

  • Asanas

    Or yoga postures are practiced to tone and relax the muscles, improve posture, massage the internal organs and circulate vital energy (prana or ki) in the body. Yoga also stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, calms the nerves, improves digestion and libido and works in fact on all body systems. Practising asanas also helps us develop concentration, breath and will power.

  • Pranayamas

    Are special breathing exercises that slow down breathing and help regulate the flow of energy in the body.

  • Relaxation

    Helps us to relax at will - both our physical body as well as our mind. These exercises can be done any time, especially after more strenuous exercises and when stress accumulates and we feel a need for it.

  • Meditation

    Helps us calm the mind so that we may develop a deeper dialogue with ourselves as well as serenity and mental composure.

  • Yogic nutrition

    Is based on eating fresh, wholesome and nutritious foods to strengthen and energise body and mind. Good digestion is fundamental to health and also leads to more balanced emotions, better concentration and improved meditation.

  • Yogic Philosophy & Psychology

    Helps us answer the fundamental questions of: Who we are; Where we come from and Where we are going. This is not religious dogma but a philosophy of life. Indian philosophy has universal appeal and one may readily find parallels in other cultures such as ancient Greece, Egypt or China.


Certified by Yoga Alliance International

Spain, Cervera del Maestre

Arrival date 27 April / Departure date 19 May
(Language: English)

Arrival date 6 July / Departure date 28 July
(Language: English)

Arrival date 9 August / Departure date 31 August
(Language: English)

Arrival date 5 October / Departure date 27 October
(Language: English)

Cost 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
Dormitory (Max 5 people) : € 2200*
Twin : € 2500*
Single : € 2800*

* Course fees include tuition,accommodation, course manual and textbook, pick up (and drop off) from Peniscola/Benicarlo railway station, two main vegetarian meals per day and Yoga Alliance International certification.

Spain, Cervera del Maestre

27 April - 26 May 2019
(Language: English)

Cost 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training,
Dormitory (Max 5 people) : € 3100*
Twin : € 3500*
Single : € 3900*

* Course fees include tuition,accommodation, course manual and textbook, pick up (and drop off) from Peniscola/Benicarlo railway station, two main vegetarian meals per day and Yoga Alliance International certification.

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SYM has met the strict requirements of Yoga Alliance International, showing that SYM courses are of exceptional quality and that upon graduation students receive the Yoga Alliance International membership and certification

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